Freelance Pet Articles

One of the things I like most about writing pet articles for my own blog here on is the opportunity to choose photos from my own gallery of pet images and to choose my own topics to write about. This has not always been the case for me.

Below are links to a few of the articles I wrote back in 2012 through, a content company with low pay, but excellent opportunities to get my feet wet in the world of freelancing. Although I am the original author of the articles below, I do not own the copyright to the articles because I was a writer for hire at the time of their creation.

Can Eels Electrocute People?

Cat Species with Bob Tails

Chipmunks as Pets

Do Cats Need to be Treated for Carrying Cat-Scratch Fever?

Do Groomers Trim Dogs Whiskers?

Do Silky Dogs Shed?

Does Mildew Grow on Dog Food?

Has a Whale Ever Jumped on a Ship?

How Often Do Cats Go Blind or Deaf with Blue Eyes?

Leather Vs Nylon Dog Collars

Most Durable Sofa Fabric for Dogs

The Best Medium-Sized Watch Dogs for the Elderly

Toys and Activities for Dogs that Like to Burrow

What Causes Clumping Cat Litter to Clump?

What Small Exotic Pet Looks Like a Squirrel?

What is the Largest Horse Alive?

Some of the titles are strange and awkward because the goal of the company was to match content to as many search engine questions as possible at that time. As authors, we had to research and write articles that answered the title as it was given to us. We had a limited word count, a specific format to follow for each type of article, and we had to provide relevant links. We also had to choose appropriate pictures from a gallery of stock photography to include with the articles. Once our article was accepted, the copyright was assigned to who then sold it to their clients.